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This is probably one of the only serious pages on this site. This is a resource for learning how to hack, whether it be computers, websites, people, or any number of things. Nothing posted herein will be illegal, because it's just information - information is never illegal. Now, if you use these skills to go hack the US Government, of course it will be illegal. But you wont do that, will you? :)

While everything on this website says last updated in 2002, this page has actually been constantly updated with new information since 2014. You'll find articles on everything from MAC spoofing to hacking computers to writing virii to circumventing NSA surveillence.

--- Dedicated to my /g/punk cyberpunk bros ---

--- greetz and thanx to valka, Leper, livecd, antix, odds, Spooky_Ghost, and Fuuzetsu for inspiring me to make this site. ---