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My Projects


jZonu is an archiver and browser for text-based BBS'/boards, like 4-ch, 2-ch, and SAoVQ. It's written in Java and is the only thing left from the Zonu project, which was sadly closed. The original project was by Sabitsuki and Meltingwax who invited me to program it with them but I was a terrible team member because I didn't know any Lisp.


AdminPickaxe is a moderation/administration tool for Garrys Mod DarkRP servers. It's written in Lua and is actually based off of an old hack tool (AnXition public edition) but we don't tell anyone that.

2blank4me Generator

This program was a 2-minute job that I wrote to mess with people. You enter what words you want and the max iteration number, and it generates those "2blank4me" phrases like "2edgy4me", "3edgy5me", etc. all the way up to your max iteration. (So it could do 2edgy4me to 102edgy104 me if you put max at 100). The program is basically useless.

AutoHotkey Panic Button

This is a panic button for AutoHotkey, for if you don't want to be caught watching teh pr0nz or looking at imgaes of mootykisn kissing wt snaks :^)

Gaia Item Name Grabber

The Gaia Item Name Grabber will grab item names in the Marketplace based on a list of IDs. This can help you find hidden items which is fun, or generate a list of item names and IDs for a bot if you need it. This program is basically useless after you run it the first time, as the database of items and item IDs almost never changes.

Efficient Sort

This was a sorting algorithm I was making that was supposed to take longer to sort things than it would take the universe to end, but it was broken and I never ended up finishing it :^((( rip in pieces sweet prince

I have a lot more project ideas that arent done yet. This includes things like a MAC address randomizer that will change your MAC address every ten minutes, and other things too. I think I might post some virus sources of mine on here too, just because I feel those need to be uploaded somewhere. Check back soon!

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